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HPE Engineer, Mongolia (Ulan Bator)

  • 5+ years of professional experience as system admin, solution engineer or presale;
  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or related are of study;
  • Strong experience with Linux, Windows and virtualization technologies;
  • Good knowledge of networks and protocols;
  • Working experience with server and storage systems;
  • Good understanding of architectural design principles, software design concepts and processes such as data structures, design patterns, algorithms.

  • Identify and propose solutions to meet business requirements;
  • Work closely with HPE engineers and peer architects to deliver the technical solution design and specifications;
  • Support in implementing part or all of the technical solution to the client, in accordance with an agreed technical design;
  • Support partners and end users by writing and maintaining comprehensive technical specification and RFP documentation;
  • Make recommendations and deliver the technical presentations to the partners and customers;
  • Investigate and resolve technical problems that arise.

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