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Head Dell (Adriatica), Kyiv

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • Experience in a similar position at least 3 years;
  • Languages spoken: English;
  • Strong hands-on leader, team player;
  • Sales planning and forecasting and control of target execution;
  • Knowledge of main Vendors (DELL, HPe, Cisco, NetApp, Lenovo) Product Lines;
  • Developing partner network;
  • Negotiation skill and experience with partners and customers;
  • Experience of brand promotion at the market;
  • Experience of designing enterprise solutions of different complexity;
  • Ability to design technical descriptions and specifications;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Strong knowledge of sales principles, methods, practices and techniques;
  • Certificates from different vendors will be an additional plus;
  • Experience in presales will be an advantage;
  • Ability to present new solutions or project different complexity to partners and customers.

  • Support current projects and participate in new ones;
  • Setting goals and target for local teams and control of execution.
  • Achieve sales targets.
  • Marketing and Demand generation plan development
  • Product promotion using common marketing tools;
  • Developing partner network and engaging new partners;
  • Stock planning and stock promotion through the partner network;
  • Negotiations with partners and customers;
  • Processing of technical specifications for partners and project design of different complexity;
  • Providing technical and sales presentations/trainings, to partners and customers;
  • Participation in the company's and vendor's events, staff training;
  • Training due vendor programs (advanced training and status maintenance, certification).

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