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65% of the Fortune 100 trust XtremIO to raise application service levels, handle complex workflows, and drive down costs. Companies of all sizes are leveraging XtremIO to future-proof their competitive edge. No wonder XtremIO is the #1, totally purpose-built All-Flash Array on the market.

XtremIO reimagines traditional technology by balancing the needs of scale and performance enabling mission critical applications to be always available and supremely responsive with consistent performance and inline all-the-time data services.

Flash technology is fast, efficient and affordable. XtremIO can store 6x more data than traditional disk-based storage systems reducing cost by up to 80% over three years

Brochure: XtremIO

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Infographic: XtremIO iCDM Infographic

Visualize the countless advantages you get with EMC XtremIO. View Now

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