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Overview / Product / Research and Development

Research and Development

Accelerate the creation, review, and approval of regulatory submission documentation with the EMC Documentum Research and Development solution. To ensure adherence to industry standards and improve overall productivity, our solution provides predefined taxonomies and business process rules.

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Solution Overview: EMC Documentum Research and Development

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Our Research and Development solution enables organizations to eliminate redundant data entry and improve the accuracy of submission documentation. It leverages out-of-the-box, industry-standard dictionaries and taxonomies of the Drug Information Association (DIA) Electronic Document Management (EDM) reference model.


Enable multiple reviewers to simultaneously edit documents while viewing previous changes, with all edits automatically merged into a single document. Streamline the authoring process with automated workflows, shortening the time for reviews and approvals.


Eliminate authors’ need to manually select and create documents by enabling them to select from a predefined inventory of reusable, industry-standard documents that are automatically linked with the associated document types required for a submission.


Reduce noncompliance risk by automating and enforcing appropriate review and approval processes. Our solution automatically assigns review and approval workflows based on predefined rules, routes documents to appropriate staff based on document type, and proactively notifies document owners when a document change requires action.

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