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Авторизованный дистрибутор

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Isilon Archiving

More storage for less 

The best storage solution doesn’t have to break the bank. Isilon offers scalable storage that grows with you, and with up to 80% usable capacity, you can store even more data for less.

More capacity when you need it

When you need to scale fast, every second counts. Adding a new node with Isilon is not only easy, it only takes a minute. No service call, manual configuration, or data migration required.

Total availability no matter what

When the unexpected occurs, you can face it with confidence. Isilon resilient, disk-based archive for long-term retention means your data will be there, even in the event of disk or node failures.

Overview: Isilon Archiving

Learn about the benefits of Isilon Archiving Download Now

Top Reasons for Isilon Archiving

Top Reasons for Isilon Archiving Download Now

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