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Isilon - Data Lake

Hybrid Cloud: the great enabler to digital business success

What do today’s most innovative organizations have in common? They’re the most enthusiastic adopters of hybrid cloud. Organizations running a significant number of workloads in a hybrid cloud environment:

- Increase business agility
- Reduce IT operating costs by 24%*
- Reinvest savings towards digital transformation
- Whether you’re just starting out or pushing your existing deployments to the next level, EMC’s industry-leading portfolio puts you out in front. Modernize your data center, embrace hybrid cloud and deliver business success. How far will it take you? You decide.

YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. ACCELERATES INNOVATION More speed. More efficiency. Industry leader uses EMC cloud solutions to ���Rev your Heart’

At Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. it’s full speed ahead for IT innovation. The result? Rapid responses, lower costs and new flexibility. Watch Now

ETISALAT MISR DEFINES THE FUTURE OF EGYPTIAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS Telecommunications provider moves faster, cuts spending with EMC cloud solutions

Etisalat Misr transformed IT for a new competitive edge: faster operations, lower costs, better customer experiences. Download Now

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