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MUK International, Slovenia, Ljubljana

In 2019, MUK Group of companies started supplying equipment to the Slovenian market.

The company’s core business is the distribution of computer systems, peripheral and network equipment, software, solutions for infrastructure and accompanying services building. MUK International experts are deeply involved in developing and implementing projects based on the supplied solutions. We offer comprehensive complementary services to our dealers promoting the Value-Added Distribution model.

The company has already signed agreements with the leading IT industry vendors including APC, Ametek, Avigilon, BitTitan, Centerm, Commscope, Conteg, Dell Technologies, Dropsuite, EnGenius, Genie Networks, Identiv, Iguana, Nexsan, PacketLight, Qnap, RCG Power, SaneBox, Tecnoware. Our contact list continues to expand, while MUK is actively developing its partner network in Slovenia supplying solutions exclusively through partners and supporting them in deployment of various scale projects for customers representing different industries.

MUK International portfolio includes:

  • Dell EMC servers and data storage systems;
  • BitTitan migration services;
  • Dropsuite solutions for data backup, archiving and recovery;
  • SaneBox email management solutions.

MUK International partnership benefits:

  • Extensive partner network across the countries of presence;
  • Certified multivendor experts;
  • Open solutions not limited to specific products or platforms for added flexibility in choosing an ideal task-specific option;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Shortest turnaround time;
  • Products and solutions by all major vendors;
  • Hardware and software deployment, maintenance and consulting services;
  • Trainings for service partners.


E-mail: office@muk.si


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