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Overview / Product / Documentum Submissions Store and View

Documentum Submissions Store and View


EMC Documentum Submission Store and View Demo: Overview

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15-Minute Guide: Gaining a Complete View of Regulatory Activity

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With our Submission Store and View solution, you can easily retrieve the regulatory correspondence associated with drug products or submissions, gaining a 360-degree view of regulatory activity. The solution also tracks groups of submissions subject to a common change and requiring regulatory notification.


Set access controls, password strength, and login attempts to strengthen compliance of archived submissions. Audit trails and indexing provide more efficient tracking of submissions and queries.


Search for archived submissions or correspondence via faceted navigation or based on metadata properties such as product, country, manufacturer, submission type, and date.


Take advantage of standard Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) views with the viewing tool including single, current, and cumulative, at the application, submission, or sequence level. You can also view and navigate the XML Backbone within Documentum.

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